thoreau on wisdom
Wednesday's Wise Words

Wednesday’s Wise Words: Thoreau on Wisdom

    “To be a philosopher is not merely to have subtle thoughts, nor even to found a school, but so to love wisdom as to live according to its dictates, a life of simplicity, independence, magnanimity, and trust.” – Thoreau Simplicity The options available these days makes me dizzy sometimes – so many choices from buying a box of…

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girl with a backpack

11 Must-Haves Carry-On Items For Travel

Packing could be stressful or could be simple if you know what you’d actually need and use. I have been blessed to travel to Melbourne, Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal, New York, Boston, Vegas, San Francisco and Delhi – all trips ranging from a day to a month. Some trips were stressful because I forgot to pack something and some were overwhelming because…

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Bando 2017

5 Benefits Of Using a Planner

Here are 5 benefits of using a planner (or consider if you don’t use already): {1} Helps to create a visual layout of the week; easy to conclude if the week was productive and fun. {2} Helps manage time – keep track of daily tasks and appointments {3} Helps to remember important events {4} Increases productivity and helps organize various goals. {5}…

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Productivity Tool - Mint
Productivity Tools

Mint – Manage Your Money

Productivity is my life-long project to ascertain how much I achieve in a given time frame. Kicking off the series this week to list all the tools and techniques I find useful in checking off the todos. We can make progress only if we can measure where we are (here and now) and where we want to go (goals). Personal…

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5 ways to be true to yourself

5 Ways To Be True To Yourself

  “To be true to yourself takes courage. It requires you to be introspective, sincere, open-minded and fair. It does not mean that you are inconsiderate or disrespectful of others. It means that you will not let others define you or make decisions for you that you should make for yourself.“ Everyone is unique and have their own histories, stories,…

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printable monthly planner
Free Printables

Free 2017 Printable Calendar

Hello there! It has been two months since I took a break from this blog; I had taken on a project close to my heart – quotes – now that the project is live at I can happily move on to other projects. If you like inspirational and motivational quotes and you’d like to receive one in your inbox…

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quiet spot at capilano suspension bridge park

2016 Review

Hope your Christmas was a blast! Mine was meh.I had the flu and spent all of the holidays plus more in the bed mainly blowing my nose, popping pain killers and antibiotic either sleeping or watching Sherlock. I read the original stories ages ago when I was little – the science of deduction is so fascinating. Reviews are a great way to…

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