2016 Review

Yellow Daisy
Yellow Daisy
Yellow Daisy

Hope your Christmas was a blast! Mine was meh.I had the flu and spent all of the holidays plus more in the bed mainly blowing my nose, popping pain killers and antibiotic either sleeping or watching Sherlock. I read the original stories ages ago when I was little – the science of deduction is so fascinating. Even though I had planned to take a break from the blog for a few months I just thought to pop-in and do 2016 Review. It’s not every day that I’m forced to think of how this year had been!


It was awesome (and nostalgic) to visit my home in India and meet friends and family after 2 years but more exciting was the fact that my sister could join in. My sister and I usually plan our trips as it’s more fun to be together.

Montreal birdseye view
Montreal birdseye view
Jasper AB
Jasper, AB
Green Parrots
Parrots in Punjab


I read 25 books this year – my favorite book of this year would be hands down When Breath Becomes Air. It’s about a young American neurosurgeon who develops terminal cancer – I savored every word of this book and the epilogue by his wife was outstanding.


Two of the new places we checked out this year was Nandos (delicious, must go!) and Fion’s (just opened on 137th Ave – Excellent!) I baked quite a lot this year including Mr.lobster’s birthday cake, Peanut’s birthday cake and Christmas cookies – my best friend especially during Christmas baking has been this baby.


I have been wanting to take a calligraphy class & I finally did this year! It was 5 hours long and totally worth it. Check out paint spot’s classes.


Not surprisingly, all of my friends & family now know that I love plants. This year I got plenty of  ’em – can you hear my heart singing?!?

swedish ivy
Swedish ivy
hot pepper plant
hot pepper plant


Light Pink Orchids
Light Pink Orchids



bando planner 2017
bando planner 2017

I fell in love with bando from the moment I opened the planner and saw the stickers! What is it about stickers? Is that my inner child is called upon to play? There is plenty of room to make notes and track appointments. Since I am obsessed with planning – this is definitely planning with style.


My mom lived with us for two months and cut-short her trip due to cold! It was her first time visiting Canada and she wasn’t too keen on staying for another month. Mr. Swytch and I got engaged<3 Woot woot. No, we don’t have a date for the wedding yet! And to recap my promotion I am now a godmother to Baby Z. This year has been very eventful!

Not only I am grateful for each little blessing of life but I look forward to the next year with hope and prayer that my life and words become a blessing to someone in need.

Wish you Peace, Prosperity, and Joy in 2017!



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