YEG Food – Cafe Mosaics

This, my friend, is the way to go into a food coma. Does it lessen the guilt after if I say that it’s Vegan? No Animal Product! I am not a vegan and allergic to eggs and so always on the lookout for local vegan places. The new exciting place that we found out this past weekend is called Cafe Mosaics on the Whyte Ave, YEG.

YEG Food: chocolate vegan cake

Chocolate Cake with mouse topped with fresh raspberries: Who would not fall in love with this presentation?

YEG Food: Cafe Mosaics

Colorful Paintings, wooden chairs, and tables. Nice to sprawl my notebooks; although it would hurt to sit on those chairs for hours!

YEG Food: Cafe Mosaics

Bright and modern decor!

YEG Food: Cafe Mosaics

Latte with art 🙂 Delicious

Speaking of lattes, the sun is shining and the temperature in Edmonton is hovering in single plus digits which I keep hearing is something of a record. This has been a regular spot for us – even if for a quick bite of dessert.

Do you know of a Vegan spot in Edmonton?



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