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It has been two months since I took a break from this blog; I had taken on a project close to my heart – quotes – now that the project is live at I can happily move on to other projects. If you like inspirational and motivational quotes and you’d like to receive one in your inbox every day – sign up at bitcreek 🙂

It is already March but feels like yesterday as if we were deciding what to do for New Year’s Eve. Which brings me to living a wholehearted life i.e. being present and deliberate in our actions to nurture and create a life we REALLY want to live. Time management is one of the most important skills that we must master in order to live a healthy social, personal and work life. One simple tool that helps me visualize that is a monthly format of the year.

Monthly calendar printable is one of my favorite organization tools because it can serve many different purposes:

  • List appointments and meetings
  • Mark up birthdays and anniversaries
  • Set target dates and plan details of projects
  • Keep track of workouts (use stickers!)

and much more – you can use it to see the big picture and be proud of the things accomplished.

This has been especially handy for a scrapbook project I took on this year – walks, playground visits, dinner at friends’, birthday’s during the month get marked up on the monthly calendar especially when I have taken pictures. Then at the end of month print the pictures up for the scrapbook! It has been so much fun and always something to talk about & show to friends and family when they visit us. And a beautiful keepsake for the little things we do as a family!

Whatever your project is, hope this helps you in organizing.

Click here free monthly 2017 printable



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