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All bills at the same place using Mint!
All bills at the same place using Mint!

Productivity is my life-long project to ascertain how much I achieve in a given time frame. Kicking off the series this week to list all the tools and techniques I find useful in checking off the todos.

We can make progress only if we can measure where we are (here and now) and where we want to go (goals).

Personal finance is an area where many people either spend too much time or not enough time. Mint allows focusing just enough time to get a complete picture – assets, expenses, and net worth.

It allows a user to connect banking accounts, credit card, and investments to give a bird’s eye view of the finances. Other than pulling all the transactions from the connected accounts and summarizing, Budgets and Goals are one of the most useful features to stay within the means. Mint has millions of users and they are serious about security thus incorporating 128-bit SSL encryption.

Automate all your regular payments and save mental bandwidth; then use Mint to keep track of your other expenses (like how much did you spend on Starbucks this month or restaurants).

It’s one of the must-have tools in a productivity toolbox.

Do you know of a better way to handle your finances? Share your thoughts. As always, thanks for reading!


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