5 Benefits Of Using a Planner

5 Benefits Of Using a Planner- bando 2017

Here are 5 benefits of using a planner (or consider if you don’t use already):

{1} Helps to create a visual layout of the week; easy to conclude if the week was productive and fun.

{2} Helps manage time – keep track of daily tasks and appointments

{3} Helps to remember important events

{4} Increases productivity and helps organize various goals.

{5} Clears the mind

How to Choose a Planner

It depends on how much writing and tracking you want to do. My key points for choosing a planner are:

  • Feel: How does it feel to hold it? Soft, Velvety, Scratchy.
  • Mobility: Do you want to use it at home or want to carry it along in your bag? This will help narrow down the size.
  • Space: Are your daily tasks a mile long? Would the space in the planner suffice it?
  • Paper Weight: Is the paper thick enough to handle the pen or the vigorous handwriting?
  • Price: Most fancy planners are over $50 and I mean the ones with stickers and frills. It all depends on your budget but the way I justify anything is its usage.

Imagine using it – you must see yourself using the pages and writing on it. This will determine if you’ll buy a certain planner. I’ll admit there are so many options out there and it’s not easy to choose one – oh the colors, patterns, and gorgeous-ness but ultimately planners are the tool to help us accomplish tasks.

This year, I switched to Passion Planner –  prior favorites being Bando Planner and Canadian Polestar Planners – I  love the layout and space to write the to-do items. If you are Costco member, you could grab a copy of Polestar Family Organizer for $9.99 (retails for $13.99) in case you are a homemaker and want to keep track of who is going where what day; I like to doodle and draw around the edges using all time favorite Maped Graph Peps, 0.4mm – sharp and beautiful to write with. 

Do you use Planners? If yes, do you prefer paper planners or digital?


5 Comments on “5 Benefits Of Using a Planner”

  1. I totally agree that having a paper planner helps visualize everything. It’s easy to lose track of things when they’re digital, and writing items down always helps me remember them!

    The cover of your planner is also so pretty – I have the same one haha!


  2. True that. Planner also helps remind you what you did or did not accomplished on a particular date. And one more, I love those Maped Graph Peps too. It’s just sad that they don’t last long (i mean the ink) to me because of doodling to much. 😁

    1. Hi Guil, Exactly – it’s nice to measure where we are actually heading compared with where we really want to go. I usually make the plan to go to the gym for the whole week on a sunday evening and block the time on a calendar. When i don’t accomplish what i had thougt of –
      it does make me think what did I do with my time instead of what i had planned to. Thanks for the comment!

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