On Wedding and What’s Next

Hey, you lovely peeps! Hello from Edmonton. It has been lovely summer with a cold day, hot day rainy day iterating like a Ferris wheel. I’ve been busy to my eyeballs to do anything blog related. I’m getting married next month and the whole planning, scheduling, workouts & diet regime have made turned me into a bridezilla. There are still over 30 days to go and as the time is approaching quickly I feel myself going into the “OMG it’s happening” phase – you know when you are just full of wonder and your mouth opens and stays like that for like whole 30 seconds.

So far:

  • Said yes to dress (hint: it’s a Sophia Tolli perfection)
  • Bought the rings!
  • My girls & parents have confirmed their travel plans.
  • The wedding planner (a friend of ours) is on board with helping me with most of the vendors and it is a big relief to have her by my side.

What’s Next?

Other than continuing with adventures and usual shenanigans, we have some travel plans on the list: California, Punjab, and London are top 3. I’ve been ignoring this blog like a “once-excited-for-it” furniture and do want to share more of my life and adventures. When I migrated from pearlgirlwrites.wordpress.com, I lost a lot of media and content and haven’t actually recovered from it – sigh one day!

What are you up to? I’d love to know!




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