Summer, Wedding, and Shenanigans

lupinsSummer 2017

The summer started with gusto and now that we are leaning towards Fall season, there is so much to look back at. As I sip my third cup of coffee, I cannot write enough about our blessed life that we cherish every day. We moved into this house a year ago and in early June had major yard/bedroom renovation scheduled – replacing carpets with hardwood, painting the rooms and closet doors and changed the light fixtures. Mr. swytch’s parents have been with us since early June and it is truly a tremendous blessing to have them around – no more cooking for me and bountiful crops of tomatoes, corn, hot peppers, and beans!!

We got married in late August amongst our dearest family and friends – it was surreal and the day went like a blur – so much love and smiles and hugs – a truly memorable day for both of us. Now that the biggest event of my life is behind me, I can focus on other areas of life – cough…this blog.

bridal hennabride

 Bachelorette Party

My besties took me for a manicure/pedicure followed by exquisite lunch at Fairmont Macdonald. We ate some delicious healthy food and took a bunch of pictures to commemorate our morning out.

Mehandi night

I had scouted several talented henna artists before I stumbled on Asra – 21 YO and self-taught henna artist – I had been looking forward to my henna night more than I was for my wedding – music, spicy Indian food, and henna party was a hit. She even henna’d in my husband’s name in the design – guess how long it took for Mr.swytch to find it? 30 seconds!


We are big fans of the mountains – mighty and majestic. Since Mr.swytch had a visa interview in Calgary, we decided to head a little further and visit Banff.  My mother was visiting Banff for the first time and kept on mixing it with Lake Tahoe. We enjoyed the view albeit not as clear as before the smoke fires in BC.View of valley from sulphur mountain


Anything exciting happening in your life? I’d love to know!heart vine


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