Projects are a fantastic way to get hands dirty and gain some experience. Being a software developer, I’ve been involved in many projects but the beauty of a project is that it’s not just software. A project has a goal, a start date, and an end date.

List of Projects:

bitcreek-responsive-capture Projects


Quotes are close to my heart. When I was little, I’d cut quotes from the newspapers, magazines and put them in a notebook that was mainly served the purpose of quotes. I have been meaning to create a “get a quote in the inbox every day” project for a while and so in 2016 I fleshed it out and put it into action.

YEG Simple Living

A twitter feed curating little reminders about simple and wholehearted living.

Scrapbook 2017

Mr.Swytch & I love impromptu adventures. And even though I have archives of pictures organized by year and month, there is something special about scrapbooks. So after much procrastination, I promised myself that I’d create a book of memories this year. This is an ongoing monthly project. Give me a holler if you scrapbook and have some ideas to share!

What are you working on this year?